The Best WordPress Hosting

The last thing you need is a hosting provider that goes offline all the time. When clients cannot access your website, they move on – to your competitor, and they may never try to return to your website again. This will cost you a recurring sale and hit your profit. The best WordPress hosting providers have a minimum 99% reliability SLA.

Fast Loading WordPress Servers
You need your website to load up fairly quickly. Most people don’t wait any longer than 2 seconds for a WordPress website to load, especially if they have good broadband. They just hit the close button and move on to your competition. Only the best WordPress hosting companies allow your website to load fast for your visitors.Linux based web servers: WordPress was written for Linux based web servers, and that’s why there is less chance of running into technical problems.

Database Backup
This is an absolute must-have and should be free, should your database or website be deleted. The best WordPress hosting companies provide daily automatic back-ups of your website and re-install your website’s version to the selected date.Secure Servers
The best WordPress hosting companies monitor their servers from external attacks regularly. They also carry out frequent software updates to ensure the server’s stability and uptime SLA.

WordPress technical support

Should your website be offline for any reason, it’s essential that you can call your WordPress hosting provider no matter what time of the day or night. The best WordPress hosting providers offer WordPress technical support 24/7/365, usually through a support ticket system, and will have you up and running instantly. WordPress technical support should be included in your plan.