Odds And Payouts

Odds vary vastly for UK online bookmakers. Some bookmakers are generally very good for raw odds on football, such as BetVictor whereas others only push special odds for the bigger events like Coral. Our advice is to sign up to several bookmakers and place your specific bets between those offering the best terms or service for that given event. A quick scan using an odds checking service will tell you who is best to bet with based on odds alone.Enhanced odds offers are a great way to boost your winnings through football betting. Most bookies provide money back offers, football accumulator insurance, in play specific offers and guaranteed odds on big football games and leagues. Don’t always get sucked into the offers though, some bookmakers like Paddy Power set their general odds quite low making enhanced odds promotions seem better than they actually UFABET are.In general you can excellent odds on major football if you shop around. Most bookies push their main offers through football and supplement this through their taking on other sports. 97% of punters lose in the end but if you are disciplined and only place bets on the best odds/offers then this is the best way to beat the bookie. See our betting guides for how odds are set and how bookies make money.

footy payoutsMajor Football and horse racing offer the highest maximum payout limits from all the online bookmakers discussed on onlinebetting.org.uk however these limits vary massively between bookies so check in advance.This is an important consideration especially for football multiples and accumulators. Accumulators with lots of selections can start to reach very high odds and even a few quid staked could take you over maximum payout limits so always check before placing these types of bets. For example William Hill offer up to £2 million on major football whereas at the lower end some cap their winnings at £50k, or less. Even some of the big bookies don’t offer as high a payout as you may expect, for more see our maximum payouts by sport table.

Payout limits on more obscure leagues and matches tend to be lower and are often classed as second-grade football. If you are placing an accumulator on the Ethiopian league check your maximum payout limits in advance. Finally you might want to consider payout turnaround times for football betting. If you are like me and you like to place cumulative bets in play then you are relying on your bookmaker to pay you out quickly so you can get your next bet on. Some, like Coral, are much better than others. Customer services are generally happy to give you this type of information.

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