¿Binance vs Damecoins?


To buy cryptocurrencies by card I like Damecoins much more since they have a higher range of divas compared to Binance and a fast operating system in https://damecoins.com


Card purchase with Damecoins does not require SMS verification or Secure 3D as required by Binance

Damecoins has a chat which is active 24 hours 365 days a year where you can answer your questions quickly and safely with friendly and very fast customer service



They also have a 24-hour chat but they take time to answer any questions you may have immediately.

A little slow to attend to their chat.

Other things that I loved about Damecoins is that they have an excellent comparative table of the rates that you can see Del Fee of the transactions you want to carry out.


Binance does not have this option to see, therefore we cannot see the rates they offer us in order to see it, we have to contact their customer service