An Easy Sauce to Serve Over Pasta

Sometimes we have an accident when making a meal and it turns out to be the best thing, ever. This happened to me some years ago, when I was making a pasta sauce for spaghetti. I had a large container of what I was just sure was spaghetti sauce.  french onion soup instant pot I fried up the hamburger meat, added in the usual onion and green pepper, grabbed the sauce to add in and midway through pouring the jar full, I realized it was Salsa. Oh my. I was so upset at that moment, yet it turned out to have excellent flavors.

We all have days when inspiration is low, and nothing seems just right. What to make for dinner? I had a day like that not too long ago, and started frying up hamburger, hoping to come up with some kind of sauce for pasta. I hoped for inspiration to hit along the way, and this was the result. Recalling that day years ago, I decided to again use salsa. I fried the hamburger meat, added in onions and green pepper, some salsa, though not a whole large container. I added a little of this and that, and this is the recipe I created. It is great over spaghetti, ziti, rigatoni or any pasta you desire.


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